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Image by Zhu Hongzhi

Investment Approach

Luminor Capital’s investment process has evolved into a number of rigorous steps that enable the best target companies to be selected in order to generate favourable risk adjusted returns. Through our networks and international relationships, we access high quality deal flow and opportunities across target sectors. We integrate environmental considerations into investment decisions through our environmental risk policy to enhance portfolio resilience and sustainability.


Once a target company has been short-listed meeting the criteria, stringent due diligence is performed on its key assets to assess the potential to exit within the desired timeline. For all portfolio companies, we ensure that deal terms are aligned with our objectives, and particularly for the earlier stage companies, we ensure that critical strategic, operational, technological and financial expertise are available to the companies. This may lead to revisions in the business and operational plans of the companies. Budgets may be re-worked and monitoring of strategic and operational plans are implemented.


We will also activate our global networks to introduce new business partnerships and/or customers to the portfolio companies, assisting to structure alliances to create greater value. If the situation dictates, we will take on the lead investor role as well as board representation. Alternatively, we are comfortable co-investing with other key funds.


Our orientation is long term and we understand that it takes time to build successful companies. We aim to build close relationships with our investee companies and remain involved with the company’s evolution, assisting with recruitment, product and business development, financing, networking, and ultimately realising an exit.

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